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latest link love.

PINSome linky links for yous!

.ever since i’ve seen her designed lights, i’ve LOVED them.  she gives a ‘make it yourself’ link for four different styles of her design (and sells the kit with parts).

.it’s always perplexed me why pregnant women “nest” – some explanations 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

.i’ve been thinking about these cookie dough bars since i pinned them.

.a friend of mine is in France for the summer (lucky lady!).  she’s started a blog and i’m loving her instagram pics of the experience.

.this video made me LAUGH!  i’m imagining what it would be like if Matt ever applied my makeup(!).

.stumbled upon this shop – love the beanies, OAK blankies, and my-oh-my these little boy swim trunks.

.the breakdown of personalities from how these folks have analyzed pinterest boards seems pretty spot on.

.love love love all of these wallpapers.

.i’ve been wanting to get some custom stamps done and a custom book embosser – how do you “ID” the books in your library?

.speaking of libraries … wouldn’t it be cool to have a secret library/room? like this google office?


pic pix: how was this exactly a year ago? Hunter seems so so little <tear>, 31.Jul.2014, Sandpoint, ID

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