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PINI’m looking forward to this week as 1. we have no wild plans and 2. (because of reason number one)  we can just go with the wind!  I LOVE hosting and having set events, but there’s something so exciting when you can look at a week and there is promise of impromptu friend visits, surprise play times, and slower days because you have no where to be.  In the midst of our “no plan” week, I still have some things that would be nice to get to.  Like … View full post »

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PINPINPINPINPINPINPINIsrael Rhodes … how did we get here so fast?  With your brothers, I felt like the first year flew by.  And now with you, it seems that time never stopped its momentum.  From the moment you were placed into my arms, I just knew you were going to be a comfort to our family.  Our clearing in the woods.  This past year revealed new things to all of us and the biggest part was how you were so perfectly made to be part of our little tribe.

The way you can go from serious, stoic face to giggling til I’m sure you are peeing your pants makes me laugh – all day, everyday!  You bring joy, the coziest snuggles, one of the keenest senses of adventure (and climbing!), strength and courage for such a young age, and a sensitivity to others that, I feel, is way beyond your years.  The way you have uniquely grown relationships with your brothers highlights such creativity in your love toward them – I cannot wait to hear you express your thoughts with more than hugs and open mouth kisses!  Every day, I thank God for blessing us with you, our sweet boy.  You are wonderfully and beautifully made and I absolutely love being your mama.  I love you very much, my little buffalo bean. xo


pic pix: Isra’s little birthday bash, 12.Oct.2016, at home

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PINIt’s here, it’s here.  It’s finally here … Autumn!

I, for one, love the crisper wake-ups, hot and sunny days and cooler, cozier evenings.  Everything with apples and spice, the more wool the better, fires – all times of the day, so really … just everything about fall makes me quite happy.  With that in mind, for me, summer is a close second (if not at the same level of love).  I actually love all the seasons in their own way, but still, the autumn and summer seasons are my absolute favourites.

Tonight we are expected to get our first deep frost and while I was about to do a post about taking out the plaid + flannels, I got side-tracked looking at some pictures from summer.  If you follow along here, you know that we moved to our acreage and there was a lot of excitement and buzz as we entered summer (literally the first day of summer) in our new home.  Nearing our fourth month of living here with boxes still untouched(!), I can’t believe all the memories we have already made here.  Fruit picking, sprinkler days + nights, ice cream hangs on the porch, getting our new cat, visiting with friends, kite-flying, fires + laughs, family times … our summer was so full of so many good things.

So, before I can plunge into the crispy leafy photos and comforts of the falling season, I needed to give summer it’s last hurrah.  One more little ode, persay. View full post »

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  • October 11, 2016 - 2:19 pm

    Calista - Oh, my gosh…your summer looks amazing! Love all your photos, as always. That one of you and your husband is the cutest thing! <3ReplyCancel

PINIf there is one thing about me that has never really changed, it would be that I am not a morning person.  Sure, I can function (for the most part) and operate just fine (in my opinion), but come 10:00am, ask anyone who has lived or worked with me, I am really awake!  Even as a young child, I would prefer staying up later to waking early hours.  I remember my brothers going through a phase around the age of 6-9yrs old where they woke up SO early … I never understood it and it clearly bothered me, as I remember it so vividly now – ha!  I’ve wondered if my boys will one day go through a spell like that … !!

It just seems there are two camps of people – early birds + night owls.  And even though I’ve never considered myself an early riser View full post »

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PINcolor: mint, wood, copper, blush, mahogany, sage, moss … all the muted colors!

word of inspiration: autumn

source of word:  It’s funny how pastel colors get highlighted in spring whereas for me, in autumn, I get all the muted feels.  Cozy colors that have me thinking of those cooler evenings and crispy, sunny days … mmmm, let this season never end!
/1.  eucalyptus greenery, year-round please  /2. Jude starts forest school on Monday, I feel like this book needs to be on my coffee table now  /3. fresh bag for this fresh season, why not?  /4. gah!  I love their stain glass pieces … got the bison one at home, now I just need this guy too(!)  /5. this turquoise and other muted colored prettiness, bridging summer and autumn quite nicely  /6. this jacket tho  /7. how cute is this little thing??  /8. I seem to love coffee all the more when I sip it out of this mug  /9. elegant journaling, for sure /10. maybe I could find something like these second hand somewhere – just love ’em  /11. copper + baskets = win win  /12. just saw this brand at a baby shower the other day … so so cute and SOFT!  /13. talk about inspiration, *heart eyes for days*
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  • March 19, 2017 - 1:33 pm

    martha - this board made me happy….such lovely colors…made me feel like spring and autumn combined lol. also, totally looked up what forest school is – and wish we had something like that where we live!!!!!!ReplyCancel

    • March 29, 2017 - 10:37 pm

      sarah nadine - colors – period – make me happy! glad this particular combination spoke to your heart 🙂

      and yes, forest school is a pretty awesome thing. i never thought we would do any type of preschool then this option presented itself and … i just wish they had a forest school day for mamas!! a day moms got to be outside all day! they also have a kindergarten and i am hoping (fingers crossed) that Judah’s first grade year will end up being the pilot year for first grade – we’ll see!

      thanks for stopping by and chiming in the conversation!

      bisous xoReplyCancel