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Monthly Archives: November 2009

certain certainties

When you are absolutuley sure about something, you exhibit confidence, you stride with a bold step, you “know what you know”! Sometimes I wonder if I am really CERTAIN of joy, and what


I went out with a ‘kindred spirit’ for a latte last tonight. Though we are exact opposites, I say ‘kindred’ because regardless of our personalities and character styles

what am i created for … that which i am created of …

Yes … my sister will be so proud of me for capturing such a special momento from our evening’s viewing of the latest “New Moon”!! We were treated by our dear friend Sara

colorful skies

Took this shot earlier this evening as I was absolutely stunned with the sky’s colors, depths, textures, and ’emotions’. No photoshop here, just God’s spectacular handiwork


I’ve gotten SO spoiled, working for an airline, thinking I need to travel every couple months! Looking through photos again this morning, I was longing that I be in France, Chile, Malaysia,

indulging in the dulce

Honoring Matt’s grandma, family and friends gathered this weekend to celebrate her 85 years of heritage, family, and blessings. During the program that was prepared for her, and after


There is always a mystery to what lies behind a closed door. A surprise, tragedy, wake-up call … the simplicity of an everyday occurrence. All reveal our utter lack of control to what will