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indulging in the dulce

Honoring Matt’s grandma, family and friends gathered this weekend to celebrate her 85 years of heritage, family, and blessings. During the program that was prepared for her, and after something was shared, she leaned over with the biggest smile and whispered in response, “Sweet!”

I wish that I could remember exactly what it was that she found so delightful … it was a “glee” moment for me to hear her use such slang. Regardless, it struck me with a smile then and meets me again today digging a little deeper into the reality of “sweet’s” scope.

“Sweet” surpasses an expression, slang, and tasteful sensation. Sweetness describes a high degree of ‘great’ that no one really can otherwise explain. When someone is sweet … their natural vibes resonate of a cozy-type of nice. When someone is sweet on you … they look forward to seeing you, like a long anticipated treat! When you hum a sweet lullaby … a wholesomeness and innocence is assumed. When the hymn “Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus” is sung … what we’re really saying is ‘what could be more aromatic and assuring than His presence guiding our day-to-day lives’?!
Another song, from earlier years, that I still love to sing … “Sweet Wind” (David Ruis). It proclaims how God’s presence is sweet like wind blowing, rain pouring, fire burning. How can we compare anything to be GRANDER?! more AMAZING?! SWEETER?! We are privileged, spoiled really, to know and have access to such Creation, Power, and Existence. He avails Himself day & night, exceeding more than just our cravings and desires. And still, despite our shortcomings, we are pandered to points beyond our simple satisfactions.
I’ve never really had a sweet tooth (except…when it comes to loving chocolate!) and only once in a blue moon do I really have a sweetheart. But today, I take in and indulge … freedom, refreshedness, love … because my God is “Sweet!”
pic pix: one of the many(!) decadent desserts I devoured while in Ronda, Spain – Sept ’09

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