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I’ve gotten SO spoiled, working for an airline, thinking I need to travel every couple months! Looking through photos again this morning, I was longing that I be in France, Chile, Malaysia, Turkey … just somewhere more colorful and unlike where I am presently.

Different moments in travels, usually while hiking/exploring a country’s natural landscape, its dawned on me how beautiful and incredible it is to live where I am, in the Rocky Mountains … geographically, a wonder of the world. But how often is it that I’ve said the same about the life that I live?! “How beautiful, how incredible it is to live the life of Sarah?”
Somehow, not just with travel, we associate the “somewhere else” of our current situation [school, work, relationships] with adventure, satisfaction, enjoyment … and once we get here, to this very day in time, we’re still thirsty for tomorrow’s change. Its natural to want to move forward, and I don’t suggest that we flip the page back to yesterday, but I notice that days go by with me only skimming the page I’m on.
I see the amazing profile of the mountains to the west, the promise of new beginnings to the sun rising on the east … I’m loved by family and friends, I have my immediate needs taken care of, I am healthy … I have been given an effervescent life by a Creator who loves me … So, YES! Life is beautiful and incredible when I actually intake and absorb that vivacity which is leaping off of that leaf of paper I label “Today”.
Today, I strive to have a better attitude … outlook. Actually reading my life goings-on today and knowing that I am fulfilled and blessed.
“Satisfy us each morning with Your unfailing love … so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives … ”
Psalm 90:14

pic pix: a lively avenue we strolled while in Strasbourg, France – May ’09
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