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what am i created for … that which i am created of …

Yes … my sister will be so proud of me for capturing such a special momento from our evening’s viewing of the latest “New Moon”!! We were treated by our dear friend Sara to the “very important people” sneak peak of the film tonight. Grande fun to say the least!

Taking off the bracelet, reading the label “V.I.P.”, and pondering for a moment … I came to thoughts again of how ‘very important’ it is to be the person I’ve been blueprinted as. Media, relationships, work, future … life can all distract us from seeing the development that we’ve become (if it be a work in progress, just beginning, or almost accomplished). Thats when we fail to realize how purposefully and wonderfully we are designed.
” … God created man in His own image …” [Genesis 1:27] Creating drawings on the computer, or even drawing free-hand, when dimensions are off or if your perception and perspective are not uniting to make the subject seem at all proper and proportioned, you don’t result in a very worthy result. Man can construct and build some beautiful and incredulous things, but nothing with a spirit, uniqueness, or purpose … life.
If it be at the airport, or riding on the c-train …. wherever you go, there is always some facet of this intrigue known as the human race. All ‘very important people’. One has been created to bring joy to all he meets, another dons grace with just her smile, etc … peoples’ personalities and progresses cannot even begin to compare to the purpose of which they live. Its almost like the movie The Pursuit of Happyness. Where, regardless of his state, will, and circumstance Will Smith’s character never lost the purpose and drive to live … to pursue.
Join me today and be in pursuit … remembering that you have been called a “V.I.P.” by a marvelous Maker (and me!) … that today’s purpose is for you to live fearfully and wonderfully made.
I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made … your works are wonderful, I know that full well – King David, Psalm 139 vs 14

pic pix: my VIP wristband 🙂– Calgary ’09
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