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I went out with a ‘kindred spirit’ for a latte last tonight. Though we are exact opposites, I say ‘kindred’ because regardless of our personalities and character styles (which are on each extreme end of opposites!), we still face the similar struggles, breath the same air, ask paralleled questions. Often, I think that much I go through is a ‘person’al battle and no one could have ever encountered that which I have. It’s not just ‘likely’ that we do … it’s reality.

Obviously, we’re not identical(!) and the way we dice and knead issues are interpreted on very different spectrums. Like capturing a moment on film … we can see that my girlfriend is taking a picture of a SFO street and we can assume/guess how it’ll turn out. But even if its ever so slight, the image won’t be depicted that way you or I saw it or how we would’ve presented it. Neither are more right than the other, both are true views of what it was … it’s just our interpretation that is different.

Interpretations make each one of us SO unique. All the variances of thoughts, executions, and desires create millions and billions of faces, colors, and ideas. When I’m riding on the C-Train (temporarilily an every-morning experience) I’m intrigued with all the eyes and stories behind them. The SILENCE (which nearly kills me!) and the ‘here and there’ expression … almost give away more to what they are thinking. After people watching for a bit, I almost feel allied to their field of vision, despite how unresembling we may be, because I know we feel and see the same things. For example, a very pregnant woman came on the yesterday train and started looking for a seat. All were taken, so I gave her mine. Though there wasn’t a long explanation of words before or after she sat down … I knew she was relieved actually relaxed. Even though it was the simplest of gestures, and probably one of the most apparent ‘needs’ that was present, I ‘briefly’ saw the a glimpse of her thoughts with what her physical state exhibited (a very pregnant belly! tired eyes, long sigh). And because of my interpretation, I ‘briefly’ was connected.

It’s a circle of Needing, Seeing, Interpreting, and Giving … a daily question of “what part of the circle do I SING today?”

pic pix: a ‘kindred spirit’ illustrating her interpretation in San Francisco – March ’09

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  • November 24, 2009 - 7:27 pm

    sara k arsenault - Oh my Sarah Nadine!
    What lovely words you write. To catch a glimps of your thoughts makes me feel all the more special to know what goes on in the world of S.N.L…to be A!
    What a nice gesture of you on the c-train, and just a tiny slice of the kindness that is you.
    Sarah, Miss Sarah, I think you SING everyday.

  • November 24, 2009 - 9:57 pm

    sarah nadine - Thanks for the encouragement … in more ways than one!! The way your wrote your words almost had a lilt to them. Must be daily that you let out a little fa-la-la and do-re-mi too!! Love ya girl …ReplyCancel

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