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Monthly Archives: January 2010


You know when you get back from a trip/vacation/break … everything seems fresh, new, almost unconsuming?  Schedules, deadlines, and other “things” of that nature aren’t

some salt with that?!

Isn’t this moose cute?!  We saw him last weekend in a parking lot near the trail we went on finding “flavor” as he was licking the salt off of some cars … poor guy got

candaci … happy birthday!!!

happy birthday candaci!! celebrating and thanking God for you today! pic pix: one of our ‘random’ adventures! Nanton, AB Jan.09


do snowy caps have anything to do with thinking caps?? maybe not, maybe perhaps … It was such a nice break last weekend, not working either of my jobs, to drive out to the


Tonight, as we were deciding what kind of movies we wanted to watch, the most popular suggestion was to get a ‘thriller’.  Instead, we ended up watching a chick-flick (The

happy new … day!

Today, Matt and me-self went for a little drive and gallivant outside the city.  I got to shutterbug away and enjoy what I see as a nearly ‘perfect day’ … fresh air, creation