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Monthly Archives: February 2010

barbed boundaries

i am at my barb wire fence it is stark, unwelcoming, bare … a picture of unrestthis is the point i’ve come tounknowing, yet believing, fearing, yet trustingthat further than my present

up close

The closer you near a subject, there is more that is revealed.  Sometimes pain, as a wound that could be freshly exposed, tender, or premature.  But usually deep revelation exclaims


Sad story … my camera is officially broken 🙁  The other day, I was out on a drive wanting to capture, click, and create … after these shots, no more camera.  Just wish I could

a prompt

As I was driving yesterday, I stopped at the crosswalk to let this elderly lady walk across the street.  Right as she was passing the front of my car, instead of waving or smiling she gave me