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how are hue?

I was feeling down tonight … everything was compiling and heaping over me so deep, that by the time I went to go write and release my thoughts, I couldn’t focus on exactly what it was that was piling up.  “Is my discouragement just an emotional reaction?”  “Is this the place I really am?”  Rather than trying to re-stir self-sympathy or reproduce this pyramid I felt stuck on the top of, my mind began jogging through what it is that allows me to breath in a smile.

My God, my love, my family, my friends … all ultimately show the saturation behind my smile.  For there isn’t a day that I don’t wonder how those I love are doing, and more often than not, these loved ones have made me laugh helping me to forget this shade I can get stuck under.  But tonight, I needed an outlook change, something to adjust my perspective from residing in gray tones …

[hue] the attribute of a color by virtue of which it is discernible and which is dependent of it’s dominant wavelength, and independent of intensity or lightness

Who needs rosy-shmosy colored glasses to perceive the world, when you can differ your view by just changing your hue?  Opaque “attributes of a color” always refer back to their “dominant wavelengths”/base colors.  Modifying our hues isn’t about placing transparencies over our issues, it’s about rooting back to the organic, raw virtuosity of our colors, truth, reason, and love.

My hue today: yellow (it makes me smile!)

pic pix: yellow boots on the terrain & blooms ‘o beauty, Ecuador 04.08

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  • March 5, 2010 - 10:51 am

    sara k arsenault - Aww! My miss Sarah! How I wish thee did not have to feel anything but happy. 🙂
    That is such a strange place to be – lost in a pile of thoughts.
    I pray your day is light and full of goodness.

    Hmm… my hue would be sky blue. It makes me feel free!ReplyCancel

  • March 16, 2010 - 3:27 pm

    tabitha jane - love those boots!! daffodils are my favorite flower . . . sigh can’t wait for spring! it lifts the spirits!ReplyCancel

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