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come, walk, learn, keep

COME to me … I’ll show you how to take a real rest …
It takes a step, a point of surrender, to know freedom and have rest.  An area/submission that will be a life’s journey here on earth, but an eternal rest in heaven.  It seems too simple, just following Him … if only we’d keep it that pure.

WALK with me, and work with me – watch how I do it …
Every day’s busy-ness is temporal, but every moment’s mattering is purposeful.  Our “watching” how He does it comes with seeking, waiting, and lingering on God’s unmarked nature, movements, and character.  He displays so much love for us … here, He challenges us to aspire for it.

LEARN the unforced rhythms of grace …
There is never force in understanding, accepting, or loving.  It comes naturally when we don’t allow our motivations and presuppositions the “room” to take over.  Grace … the free and unmerited favor of God … inexpressible to us, yet given to us freely and fluently by Him.

KEEP company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly …
I am reliving the moment I had in this photograph … I am light, I feel free.  A simple act of wanting and being in His presence opens my mind, heart, and voice to sing.  He promises, and He completes.

Matthew 11:28 [the Message]

pic pix: one Sarah leaping, Goat Pond, AB Dec.2008

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