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My Gramma is beautiful … in so many ways, it’s not nearly enough to pen.  Anytime I have been asked “who is your hero?” or “who is your role model” … Gramma is who.

We celebrated this last weekend her 80 years of life.  Having her children and extensions gathered, commemorating her graceful years was not only a blessing, but a given hope that we can too live that many years and be as passionate about what we love and want to accomplish.  

After we ate our meal, she shared “her story” with us.  I knew nearly all of the accounts she shared, but was enriched as she spoke in her timeline, emphasizing the milestones most important to her.  Her life has taken many turns … through many tunnels, across countless scapes, over many seas.  She’s given her time to her family, her community, and has always grounded herself as she’s walked with God’s unimaginable direction and strength.  The decisions she’s gone through with and the battles she’s overcome, mark an inspirational woman through and through.  

I am immutably proud, honored, and thankful to have such beautiful lineage … thanks Gramma … I love you!

{who’s your hero?}

pic pix: Gramma ready to blow her b-day candles out, Mar.10
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