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We ventured to the K-country (Kananaskis) this weekend … something I suggest everyone should have the privy of before they die.  The mountain air, rolling foothills, and surrounding greens array enough beauty that takes your breath away and immediately fills your lungs with fresh, moist “goodness”.  When you see and walk through such awesomeness, every spectrum of pleasure is satisfied …

you hear
      nothing but soft winds through trees, ripples or rages of water
you smell …
      sweet, familiar, yet crisp, alluring aromas beaconing longer stays
you feel
      refreshed from the brisk air and a tingly heat from the warm sun

“You [GOD, our FATHER] open your hand and SATISFY the desires of every living thing…” 
 psalms 145:16

Nature once again sings to me … my desire has been nourished and satisfied … my Heavenly Father has opened His handiwork, manifested beauty for me to behold.  What is it that you long to have satisfied?  How do you seek it?


pic pix: my b-day hikes, K-Country, AB 19.Jun.10

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