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My last few months have been tiring, deciding, and revealing.  Priority is an attribute I am wanting to execute with each given breath I am granted.  Taking an inventory of what I have prioritized, I’ve realized that alot of my waking moments have been filled with work; thus resulting in my tiredness.  Becoming conscious of that, I have been deciding what I want to put first and how I can do that.  And even though it’s been a seemingly “walk down loose rock” feeling, daily, I am still gaining fresh perspective … pure revelation.  

Within this period, I’ve realized that I don’t take enough time to even know what I want to prioritize within my desires!  My God, my Love, my family, my friends have walked by me patiently … to them I want to be able to show the primacy they hold.  Time for uninterrupted creativity, the release of my thoughts to written word, physical health and rest … components that can be bi-products of placing things first as I walk through this priority corridor.

That being said, and out in the open, I have decided to make a step in that direction today.  Tomorrow, I am going to quit my airline job.  I’ve been there 3 years, loved most moments of it (!), and am already having separation issues!!  Mainly the benefits and family of co-workers will be my major losses; evenings and weekends free, proper sleep and consistency of routine will be some of my major gains.  As any comfortable situation is hard to move away from, I know that leaving there will serve as another passageway to finding this “priority” puzzle I am figuring out.

Isn’t priority what influences how you spend your day?  How do you spend your days?  What do you place at high value enough to be apart of your daily routine?  

pic pix: Chester Lake, AB, 14.Aug.2010

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