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WOW!! It’s been a whirlwind as of late … getting engaged, planning a wedding for February, finding a new house and starting to move, Christmas … but, oh-so-much fun!!!

There is something about having a real peace that resonates true joy. For anyone that has known the personal struggles I have personally been through, what Matt and I have been through, our family … it really does seem unexplainable that at this point to be where we are today … a point of peace. Not that what has been faced has been something so terrible, but moreso, challenging. The gift of God’s beautiful timing has given us an opportunity to see His blessing in in our lives. Our four years together has nurtured, strengthened, and now blossomed into one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever been a part of. To have full support of our Heavenly Father and our families has relieved this weight, my heart is so incredibly light, overjoyed, amazed.

… and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus… Philippians 4:7

I know I’ve mentioned this particular passage has been a ‘go-to’ for me through many of my life’s places already and yet again, it has spoken so clearly to me lately. God has given me His peace to embrace, a point of not so much understanding the “HOW” but breathing the “NOW”. It has produced peace just to breathe …

pic pix: woods surrounding Lake Minnetonka, AB, Nov.2010
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