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PINYes … it is really only 59 days away! With SO much to do! As I am being told by everyone, “Plans do change!” I was hoping to get my invites out before Christmas (ha!), but we could not secure our venue until this last weekend. And when you go the DIY route, things take a that little bit longer and require some creative sessions to get the ball rolling. After the invites are out, FOOD will be our next big milestone…that will not be DIY!!

Isn’t that how life always goes though? Once you have accomplished one thing, you are on to the next? We wait until we finish “this” thing to get to “that”, then once we finish “that” thing we want to go over “there”!! Life is a continual work in progress … WE are continual works in progress. I sometimes forget that, and do not value what I am going through, wishing that I would have done it better to begin with. But where, oh where, does it say, “Thou shalt be perfect”?!

Especially, pulling wedding stuff together, maybe I have never anticipated perfection (as that’s not even my style) but yet I expect that the deadlines I give for myself need to be met. I can start to look like my own slave driver! Though, there are so many “good” things to-do out there, lists and plans of this and that, and {heart} embellishments that can be added to nearly everything, and … etc … etc … There is a day I am breathing in today that I need to focus on enjoying. A faith that is in fact, simpler than I make it …

The Lord protects those of childlike faith …let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me. Psalm 116:6-7


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