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another go, a new day

Once again, the aura envelopes us … fresh air, new beginnings, crisp intentions … a new year! Never have I really made resolutions for a new year, but I always anticipate this “idea” of starting anew.

A glimpse of what the year 2011 cradles for me …

Our Wedding …

Only 47 days to go! I can’t WAIT to wake up next to him every morning, knowing that he is my husband and I am his wife … taking hold of every moment we breathe together and discovering what our lives will become. Wish it was only 47 more minutes … sigh!
Expanding my “Photo-World” horizons …
Prospective business ideas are floating around (especially now with my new lil iPad!) I hope to soon share what these ideas and makings actually evolve into.
Home-making our home …
Though, I have already moved into our new place and am starting to make it feel “homey”, a part of this year will be establishing ourselves … hosting friends and family and spending time here we will create and “make” our home.
Learning opportunities …
My employers have graciously offered to pay for the schooling of any courses that are applicable to our field of work. I love absorbing new information, fitting more pieces of “the puzzle” together. Can’t wait to dive into some new material!
Another birthday …
You can’t go through a year without hitting one of those.
Taking on new roles …
Soon and very soon, I will be a:
Auntie … all persons I have never been though can’t wait to officially be!
Creativity …
I’ve always said, “if I only had a space where I could leave projects half-way through only to pick up again, I’d have allot more undertakings…”. No longer is that an “if-only”… we have a second room that we are using as an office where I can set up for painting, drawing, paper-cutting, sewing and leaving it all where I last worked on it. I can craft anywhere, but to have this domain will be wonderful.
And though there are these things I look forward to (and more!), I believe the greatest challenge will still be to live in the moment I am in, enjoying all that today will exhibit, seizing every opportunity effectively and purposefully.
May you have a Happy New Year, New Month, New Week, New Day and New Moment!!
pic pix: bushel of dried grass, out with old-in with the new, Okotoks, AB Dec.10
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