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It’s been 42 days since we got hitched! Forty-two days that I have been a married woman, a wife! In so many ways, I cannot believe the time has gone by so quickly. Yet in other ways, I still find myself giggling because I cannot believe that it is done and we are one! I’ve never felt/had quite transformation, adjustment, joy, and gratefulness all in a month’s time (+) like this … it’s pretty crazy! We’ve taken on new roles, titles, and a more integrated way of life. We’re creating a home …

I’ve always loved to decorate and ‘create’ a space to make it feel nice. If it’s only to set the table for dinner or to showcase art from our travels, I take joy and pride in doing it. As I was rearranging again today (yes, this is almost considered a hobby of mine!), the thought of a home’s true meaning really got stripped down as I asked myself, “What makes this physical place our home?” Sure, it’s the warmth and coziness of the setup/layout, the memories in every artifact, the heirlooms and decor ideas I brought from my Mom & Dad’s, the mere fact that this structure is where I find safety to rest and to just “be”.

Growing up, my home was where my family was every night regardless of a quarrel, mess up or bad/good day. Our close quarters didn’t define our home, our love did. The creative arrangements of furniture and colors didn’t speak what our hearts knew as home, but our love did. “Home” was when we realized and appreciated who each member in our family was and how they contributed to it. A love regardless of location, age, or behavior … our home = simple love.

Now, as we have our own family (just the two of us!), I see it even clearer how we make our home by our love. Though I quite enjoy setting up and staging niceties and eye stimulators to make the place appear ‘homey’, it is all in vain and worthless if we don’t establish it on what really makes it ours … our love.

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do…but how much love we put into that action.
Mother Teresa
pic pix: our first & second home (1-eachother; 2-God’s beautiful creation), Highwood River, AB 25.Sep.2010
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  • April 4, 2011 - 11:03 am

    calistalee - Oh my – congratulations! I was wondering where you had gone. I love your photo – you both look so at home.

    I love rearranging furniture, just to get a sort of new feeling about my apartment. What you say is true; it is not the “stuff” you have in your house, it’s the love that’s in your house.ReplyCancel

  • April 5, 2011 - 9:06 pm

    Mariel - You were meant to be in my family photo! After all, you HAVE met everyone in Ecuador, which is more than I can say! 🙂

    MISS YOUU! So glad to hear you and Matt are loving every minute! Have you heard I’m going to Panama this summer? For 3 months! I’ll be interning there! We need to seriously catch up!
    Te quiero MUCHISIMO!!ReplyCancel

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