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it “works”

Years ago, my Mom gave me some useful advise that I’ve used for nearly EVERYTHING!  When it comes to shopping or designing, I’ve heard her voice in my head, countless times quoting the same few words.  I’ve even repeated her advice back to her when she’s asked the questions, “Does this suit me?”, “Will this go with my style?!”.  Her wisdom …

As long as you love it, it’s going to work.   

A simple logic and great reminder for me never to get away from the basics of who I am or what I see beauty in.  Maybe the first time she spoke the words, she didn’t intend for me to take it to heart in ALL areas of my creative perspectives … but I have.

Again, as any time I think deeply about inspiration, creation, or beauty my thoughts are turned to our Creator, God.  My God loves everything that is in existence around us, regardless of it’s flaws, nics, or scratches.  And somehow, and in someway, if you take a look around, all that has been created just seems to “work” together.

There is not one shade of green that is exactly the same if you look at a mountainside pixeled with trees.  The fact that combinations of different instruments can make many stylings of music that soothe and sing to us.  When words and textures that have never been integrated together are mixed and produced, some label the phenomenon as “original” with an instantaneous appreciation.  An instance where two opposite personalities attract, that make for a successful marriage…wonderful parents…

How does it all work together when it’s not perfect or matching?  Simply … because of His love for us.

    pic pix: 2 of my favorite things – peonies & paper – that “work”!  Jun.2011

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  • July 18, 2011 - 4:27 pm

    calistalee - I recently had a conversation with a dear friend about friendships that sometimes are difficult and we find that we can only love someone well because we have Jesus. Because of His love for us and His involvement in our lives, we are able to love as He loved. Without Him, it just wouldn’t “work.”

    Thank you so much for this post.ReplyCancel

  • July 19, 2011 - 6:42 am

    sarah nadine - A friend I have, shared a lesson she learned from her uncle about what E.G.R. (extra grace required) people are. Just when you think you need to be that bit nicer and give “that someone” that extra bit of grace, it is then that Jesus is giving YOU that extra grace, patience, and above all, love to treat that person in a way only He can treat them. How could we do it alone?! We can’t! Like you said, “without Him, it just wouldn’t work”.

    Thank YOU for your comments and perspective …


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