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teacup bathing + camping

I was introduced to this obsession of outdoor waterholes from a blogger friend’s posts at August and After.  If it be hot or cold, she’s seemed to search out the best options.  How AWESOME would it be to bath outside, in a giant teacup, with the smell of a woodstove right beside you?!!  I am now officially part of the outdoor waterhole club…thanks Cori 🙂

We are going camping this weekend….though a Dutchtub would be perfect to bring along, we will manage just fine (sigh!) without.  Friends are coming along.  The weather is supposed to be beautifully warm.  Yummy snacks and lazy afternoons.  Ahhh, yes, 3 FULL days without work!  Friday, why haven’t you come yet…

Camping always rejuvenates something inside of me.  Maybe it’s the close proximity to something raw, or the untouched beauty that surrounds me that makes me enjoy it and look forward to it so much.  Just 2 more sleeps then I’ll be sleeping under the stars!

pic pix: Dutchtub’s 4 person model – how I covet thee!

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