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Parents are so special.

What I have been feeling lately, definitely stems to me being pregnant (miss emotional tornado over here!), but roots much deeper than just towards this “time”.  Almost twenty-six years ago, my parents were anticipating a little one to make it’s debut in the world.  Not knowing my gender, hair color, personality, potential…they were full of this unexplainable joy and a love for this baby that was already “theirs”.

It’s wild to now see and experience just a taste of how much more they care for me as I now sit on the other side of this parent-child spectrum.  Putting myself in their shoes, and thinking that baby was me, I am overwhelmed with this ‘connection’/love/joy that they felt when they thought of me for the first time … and how they look at me today.

I can’t explain how thrilled I am to meet our baby or how much I am already in love him/her … the only description that seems fitting is my own parent’s love for me.

Today, I know I am so blessed.

 pic pix: when I was born, 19.June.1986, Calgary, AB

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