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Monthly Archives: May 2012

waiting …. thankfully!

Tomorrow is my “technical” due date.  Which, in some ways, has come very fast but in others, has taken it’s pretty time.  This last week, I’ve been more antsy, just

random thoughts & things

After my breakfast (tried this french toast recipe today…yum!), a bit of cleaning up, a pleasant visit with my midwife, lunch with my beautiful friend, a long afternoon nap, grocery shopping


It’s mornings like these … that I wish I still had Sprouts. Just over six years ago, I opened up a little cafe in an industrial area in Calgary.  The food was all fresh, healthy and

lovin’ it

This morning I woke up to such a beautiful surprise …. the sun!!  It was 5:45am, and the rays were already warming our room with golden happiness.  I am NOT your by-the-book morning

rain brings…

“I like rain, actually.” Bill Rodgers There’s a constant trickle of water falling from the sky … I almost don’t want to sleep for the sole reason of enjoying the sound