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Monthly Archives: August 2012

let’s talk

I find it funny (ok…more *ironic*) that when you are thinking/dwelling on a certain thought, it somehow always works it’s way into your conversation.  With whoever, whenever,

“first” date

Last night we took our first date without the little lion man.  We talked (even though lots of it was about Juju!) free of interruption, ate a delicious meal, grabbed a coffee, took a country drive

not quite road tested

Take a good look at God’s wonders … they’ll take your breath away … Bless the Lord, O peoples!  Give Him a thunderous welcome!Didn’t He set us on the road to

two months …

After we finished supper tonight, we quickly went out to the backyard to take a few 2-month-old shots.  Previous to these expressive faces (!) there were tears *mama has sad face* … and

our day in pictures

1. the darndest, cutest little boy around2. afternoon read with an afternoon coffee3. summer afternoon thunderstorm4. someone loves their suce5. cute baby fingers6. never-ending

thoughts. things.

Has it EVER been a busy time!  From the first week of June, until this last weekend, we have been going going going!!  Like I mentioned in my last post, new things, changes, busyness.