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and…we’re back

After a fun week in Florida, we are home!  Everyone from my family – two brothers, sister, mom, dad, m’love and juju – was able to make it down to Orlando.  We aren’t really theme-park-type-of-people, so no “worlds” (SeaWorld, DisneyWorld, etc) were visited on this trip.  Our purpose was to kick back, enjoy the wave of heat and humidity, and spend some time together … and that we did! 

As first priority, and in my family’s true fashion, a trip to the grocery store and Costco were first on the list.  How can you relax without snacks?!  When we weren’t eating(!), we were either beaching it, rollerblading, relaxing pool-side, shopping, coffee-ing, golfing, or just talking.

There were some “firsts” on this trip too:

     . Judah stuck his tongue out – Yes, at a moment when he was being told not to do something!

     . Matt’s first vacation with my family – He did swimmingly well!  I do believe he is now coffee-ed
       out (there is always a coffee in hand or the suggestion to get one with this crowd!)
     . Judah’s first plane ride – He blew our socks off again with how amazing he did going up and
       down both times.  Yup, he’s pretty much perfect!
     . Our first time traveling as parents – At first, the amount of STUFF to think about and pack, not
       being at/near home, was overwhelming.  Slathering the boy with sunscreen anytime we were
       outside, staying put instead of playing pick-up beach volleyball, toting around more than just a
       light, travel daypack, worrying about smoking and noise levels in new places …. !!!!  But like
       anything, you get used to it.  We’re pros now (ha!). 

     . Judah’s first swim in the pool and ocean – At first, he wasn’t too sure, but by the end of the week,
       he did not mind the soothing experience of being carried in the warm pool water.  The ocean … a
       slightly different story 🙂

With our new experiences (Juju really is the dream baby to travel with!), shopping bags full, and fun memories etched, I’m looking forward to our next adventure.  

1. me and my guys.
2. family trivial pursuit.
3. juju, wearing these all too well.
4. documenting the first swim.
5. i liked these sandwich stabbers.
6. ‘surfin’ in daddy’s palm.
7. white sand with incredible skies.
8. not really liking the ocean.
9. it was so hot, and he was mesmorized by the cool water.
10. rollerblading.
11. the guys down in old town kissimmee for the muscle car show.
12. traveling shoes.
13. **missing** – a picture of my mom, sis, and i – aka. ‘the shoppers’.

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