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three months …

Because we were on vacation for Judah’s actual 3-month birthday, these photos were taken a few days later.  I just love this little boy to bits!

As a three-month-old, if I had to name a few of my favorite things, besides Mama and Daddy of course, they would be my soother – no.1, a blanket to grab while sleeping – no.2, and my giraffe Sophie -no.3.  Among many other things, this month I’ve learned how to stick out my tongue, grab and play with toys, and yank Mama’s hair real hard.  My new nickname is “drooly pots” as my teeth are starting to make their debut 🙁  I’m now an avid plane-flyer and swimmer – thanks to my first “out of the country” vacation last week.  On the airplane is where I had one of my moments where I tested the strength of my voice.  Daddy kept playing this game where he’d respond to my loud squeals with “shhhh…”!  People always try to get my attention by saying, “Judah”.  I look at them most of the time because I’m pretty sure it makes them happy.  I’m not super keen about laying on my stomach, actually not keen at all.  I’d rather you hold my hands and help me walk.  Or glide me around in my stroller while you roller-blade!

I’ve again experienced so many firsts this month … can’t wait to share more when I’ve reached number four!

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