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The past few hours before last night’s slumber I spent playing catch-up at home.  With all the business going on around us lately, housework has been put on the backburner … I’d say all for pretty good reason(s) 🙂  Here’s what’s been going on over here …

Thanksgiving Dinner.
Us Canadian folk like to get our thanksgiving celebration on in October.  For seven years now, our friends (dubbed the ‘family’) have gotten together to celebrate thanksgiving.  Deep fried turkey and a ton of fixings, caramel apples and painted pumpkins, another year of tastiness shared together.  We had such a good turn-out this year (27+ people), I’m so glad they were all willing to help (especially my sister!)  In total, Judah had THREE thanksgiving dinners this year … no getting around it, this is definitely his year of all things new!  He was just a wee tuckered by the end …

Crabapple Juice Canning.
I had my first go at canning this year, and absolutely loved it!  The morning after one of our big meals, I went over to my mother-in-law’s to make this beautiful crabapple juice (from the apples we picked the other day) with her and my sister-in-law.  Soooo tasty!  I think I’ve officially caught the canning bug.

Gramma’s House.
Seeing as our Thanksgiving weekend was taken with lots of other visiting, we weren’t able to go see my Gramma.  So visit her is what we did.  Wednesday morning, we grabbed our overnight bags, picked up Yaya and set off to see GiGi (great grandma to Judah).  Our 24 hour visit was filled with the best meals (no joke), tea parties and playing store, great conversations and visits, and laughs with all the little boy second cousins.  Isn’t family a wonderful thing to be a part of?!

pic pix: our past week or so, October.2012

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