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too fast

Almost 2 weeks ago, I managed to mangle my left pointer finger in an electric hand blender … yea, not cool.  Fortunately, the closest medical clinic was down the hill and I was able to get in ASAP.  During the brief wait for the doctor and my overall prognosis, all I could think about was, “In one week this won’t hurt even half this bad.  I know I’ll look back at this moment and be so glad of where I am then…”

Fast forward to this passed Wednesday afternoon.  Judah was going down for a nap and as part of our little ritual I was holding him and singing to him.  Then it hit me that it had been over a week since my little incident, and here I was, remembering and feeling exactly what I thought.  Then another surge of a thought came to me as I looked at that precious boy in my arms … “One day you will be a strong good man and I’ll look back at this moment and wish I were here…”

Life is so fleeting.  So fast.  I’m-a gonna hold on to this little one and drink up all these delicious moments.

pic pix: Judah wearing Daddy’s hat & playing, Oct.2012, our living room – Calgary, AB
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