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four months …

Took these shots around his actual 4 month “birthday”… finally getting to the posting part(!).

Though teething has become my new norm, I still manage to bring a happy light wherever I go with my still-toothless smile.  And that jolly jumper?!  I’m pretty sure they named that for me 🙂  All smiles on when I get my jump on!  I’m no longer the baby boy that likes to lay under my mobile … I like to sit and play with my toys now.  Preferably the ones that squeak or make a lot of noise (much to Daddy’s chagrin!).  I haven’t gotten the hang of crawling yet, but find myself face down swimming in the carpet because I think I can.  Mama loves my giggles, so she tickles me a lot.  Bath time, mirror time, Mama time, … they’re all my favorite pastimes but there’s something special about when Daddy gets home to play with me.  To add to my party tricks, I now hold a grown-up cup (with something in it!) and drink from it – it seems to get me even more attention!  I try to grab others things, but I don’t get the same reaction … I wonder why?!  Mama has let me try some new tastes, and I’ve loved every new exciting flavor.  I got to celebrate my first thanksgiving dinner(s), took a road trip to see my Gigi (great-Gramma), meet my second cousins…there’s no end to all these new things!           

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