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Listening to Matt serenade me with some Paul Simon, Neil Young, Mumford & Sons (just to name a few!), I’m enjoying our unedited life as it’s happening.  There are laundry baskets full of clean clothes in each room, our bellies full with a delicious dinner, music filling our little pad, an organized mess of paper piles, the odd laugh, one sweet boy fast asleep…

It’s been a quiet week since that cold bug infiltrated our systems.  Though being sick really bites, I’ve enjoyed just slowing down.  For, with quiet comes simplicity.  With simplicity, appreciation for God and His grace towards us.  With gratitude, in turn, can bring peace.

I’m a real geek when it comes to words, their meanings, and how they sound (yup, I’m a pun lover!).  I also love words in other languages…go figure(!).  Lately, when I’ve been thinking of the word “peace”, I’ve immediately thought of it’s italian counterpart “pace”.

[pace/peace (italian): freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, etc.]
[pace (english): a rate of movement…]  

With entirely different roots to both of the words (peace – pax; pace – passus), it’s more of an “interest” thing that these words overlap across two languages.  But the irony of their spelt connection is what draws me to ask this spellbinding* question tonight …

Is my living pace bringing me peace?  Is yours?

pic pix: iPhone pic (taken with vscocam) of the park down the hill, 07.Nov.2012, Calgary, AB

*a silly pun for you 🙂

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