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Around here, Christmas is gearing up and we’re about ready to deck these halls!  ‘Cool Yule‘ and ‘Oh Holy Night’ are two of our daily tunes, my pinterest food board keeps getting more Christmas treats added, the advent tree is almost done, some Christmas reindeer showed up in my oven this afternoon, a date set to get our Christmas tree … it’s almost here again!

I’ve never had the time before Christmas to let the infusion of the season saturate and permeate my day-to-day.  Since I’ve been an adult, it’s been either an exam due, a rush to get work deadlines done before year end, or just the plain busyness of other events that have taken my time away from home.  So I am plenty excited to take it all in this year and have this time to celebrate the birth of our King!

pic pix: ‘it’s time for Christmas’ – shots around home, 28.Nov.2012

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