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Here are some (random) smatterings of what’s been going on over here …

House for … SOLD!
What a relief it is to have our flip-property sold!  After being on the market for almost 6 months, a deal came through and now it’s all moving so fast.  As we weren’t living in the house, we’ve been renting an apartment for the last 2 years.  With the house sold, we gave our notice to be moved out of here by March 1, 2013…let the house hunting begin!  We dream of an acreage with a mountain view, but for now, will be looking to buy in town (I’m still secretly hoping we find our dream place sooner!).  It’s going to be a crazy story how the timing will work out!

Judah & the bean.
This little clip is just a sweet glimpse into the fun I get to have daily with Mr. Judah.  I’m loving every stage of being his mama!

‘bean’ there, doing that. from Sarah Nadine Arsenault on Vimeo.

We had the chance to visit Matt’s Grandma last weekend.  They are still living on the farm (in their late 80s!) and keeping things going tickety-boo.  Amazing really.  It’s always so refreshing to get up there and hear nothing but your own voices, animals, the wind & trees, and sometimes the machinery you are in!

Cleanse time.
I’ve been on a cleanse since the middle of November, and am craving a good cup of coffee, some dark chocolate(s), and good cheese.  It’s interesting to learn these new things about myself (aka the foods I am addicted to!).

Once again, I’ve been beyond-the-feeling of grateful for this man.  He brings me so much joy, he is my constant support … my wonderful husband. xo.


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  • December 17, 2012 - 11:31 am

    Allison Jane - Yay! That is so awesome that the house is finally sold! 🙂 I am so excited to see what new home God has picked out for your family! xoxo Loved the little video of Juju and his bean, he is adorable as always. You and Matt look great, you are such a wonderful couple! Love you lots! <3ReplyCancel

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