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seven months …

Well, Judah is now 7.5 months!  Here is his 7 month post…better late than never.

Since my last update, we’ve had some pretty big changes over here.  Not only have I figured out this crawling thing, but have discovered a new way to get people’s attention…..talking, non-stop!  I’m not sure anyone knows what I am saying (as I don’t really know myself), but it sounds a lot like “blma ma dah bbbda…”.  Mama usually encourages it by talking back with her own stories (I don’t really understand those either, but pretend I do!) except when we are at church.  Still haven’t figured out why…

Daddy says that I have an interesting way of playing with toys.  I just do what makes sense to me-if a toy is in the box, I take it out; if there is something popped up, I push it down; etc.  At nap time, I play that kind of game in my crib too…I pop up and down until Mama comes in and tells me to stop!  Another new game I play is making sounds with my mouth.  My latest noises are a clack and motor boat b-b-b-b-b-b-b.  Tub time is still holds to be fun and my favorite.  Giving kisses are pretty close up there too 🙂

I experienced my first Christmas and have since grabbed every piece of paper in front of me to rip.  Paper is a beautiful thing: you can suck on it, scratch it (I scratch the books that Mama & Daddy are reading…it makes me feel a part), rip it, wave it, scrunch it up…I think paper was my favorite part of the whole deal!

Gotta say, this 7 month gig is pretty sweet…moving, talking, kissing the ladies, playing non-stop…loving it!

pic pix: this Mama heart is melting with that cute little posing face(!), this guy is always on the move, 15.Jan.2013, at home

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