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eight months …

Not only have I moved out of my carrier car seat, I’ve moved on from playing in a 5′ diameter…the house is now my playground.  This new freedom of crawling and exploring has given me an endless source of new toys and fun!  I love door stoppers, garbages, the broom, and any piece of dirt/lint/muck that I can find.  We now vacuum daily (if not twice a day!), so no longer am I afraid of the vacuum but rather, am quite excited when Mama brings it out.

“Jambon Garcon” (“Ham Boy”) was a new nickname I was given yesterday.  When I continue to fake laugh and squeal just ’cause everyone is laughing, Mama says I’m being a ham.  Not sure if I really get it yet.  Speaking of food, the flavor of the month (again) is squash…I just can’t seem to get enough.

Mama and Papa say that I’m quite the story-teller.  Sometimes, I hold up a toy (or a phone) to my ear to talk, or just interject with a story even though other people are talking.  And you can’t tell a story without being expressive, right?!  They also point out that I love people.  If we are at the mall, or at church, or with our family for family nights…I like to let everyone know that 1. I’m there and 2. I can see them (by waving, reaching, or grabbing to give kisses!).  I can’t wait until they can actually understand what I am trying to tell them!

This month has held a lot of new thrills … I can’t wait to see what next adventures come my way this next month!

pic pix: on this buddy’s 8 month b-day, 13.Feb.2013, at home

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