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nine months …

Ahhh … I can’t believe my baby is already 9 months old!  I remember thinking, “When he gets to nine months, all of these [initial] days are going to seem like eons ago.”  I was right.

Call me quick, call me funny … just be sure to call.  I love when people call mom me during the day to chat.  It’s the greatest when you’ve called right when I’m playing with something as I take that opportunity to hold up that toy/spoon/nounours right up to the phone for you to see.  Mama seems to think this is funny every time (though, it’s pretty easy to make her laugh, I do it all the time!).

I’m serious about calling me quick.  Not only have I mastered the army crawl around the apartment, I’m now walking along walls/furniture/rocking chairs – you name it – just to get to where I need to be.  Usually with my hammer in hand, hitting things as I go.  I’ve got places to go, things to do (knock over garbages, pull toilet paper, grab blinds, play on the instruments, ‘sweep’ the floor with my mouth hoover…..).  I don’t know how kid’s keep up on things once they go to school (?!?).   

Mama and Papa have taught me some new mad skills that we usually practice around the dinner table. Though, they don’t consider me using their hair (Mama’s ponytail & Daddy’s beard) to stand up a “trick” (???).  A few of the new ones: “je ne sais pas.” – I just lift up my hands & shrug my shoulders; “praise the Lord” – I raise my arms; “clap clap clap” – need I explain? the usual “hi” and “bye” – though I have been creative with my wave, now I wave side-to-side and move my wrist.  Those are just a few … Mama says I’ve got to stay modest.

I’ve also made some new friends lately and have gone on some play dates with them (and some of my old friends too!).  “Playing” for me consists of eating their snacks and watching them play while I eat.  Gotta say, I really enjoy our play dates…!!!  My other new “friends” are called cardboard boxes.  While Mama packs them, I bang on them, climb in/out of them, rock them.  A buddy’s best friend right there.

This next month holds so many new things and big changes, I’m glad I was able to get these experiences under my belt to prep me for the excitement up ahead!

pic pix: the little goof ball wouldn’t give me a smile, but gave me everything else! 13.Mar.2013, at home

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