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1. & 4.  even though there’s snow outside, there is some bright life inside.

2.  love this old mug.
3.  sleepless nights – Judah is definitely battling teething & a nasty cold/fever bout 🙁
5.  despite the busyness, still taking moments to peruse for spring inspiration.
6.  my life is being over-run by corrugated boxes – p.s. how did we get so much stuff?
7.  my newest kitchen find – copper lamp [ikea].

I’ve been so caught up with our move, that even our daily/weekly routine is out of whack (which I anticipate it will stay that way until we’re settled).  Meals?  Who makes ’em anymore…kidding, but almost the truth.  Six days until we get possession, 9 days until the big move….so excited!!

side note: posts will be intermittent over the next week or so and I should be back to regular blogging in April… thanks for understanding!

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