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seaside daydreams + some links.

Tomorrow night, we are joining friends for some fresh seafood (yay!).  It couldn’t but MAKE me think of the day we spend in Puerto Morelos, Mexico … a little fishing town just last month.  Though summer is finally getting closer to us up here, my thoughts are down in Mexico this evening.

Some of my other thoughts have landed me at these places recently:

Little Korboose – There are so many cute items at this little shop … I think the little airplane would be cute in Judah’s room.

Oana Befort – I like this lady’s visual journey – illustrations documented.  Talent with a paintbrush.

Mon Tarte – I follow Jordana Claudia, a Nashville dweller, on instagram.  Her posts are light, quirky, fun and sometimes delicious.  If I lived in Nashville or ever visit there, by her recommendations, I’d know what hot-spots to hit.  *she’s posted some good gluten-free recipes in the past too.

Oh Happy Day! – Love this lady’s diys … they’re just fun and make my day happy.

For some reason, just like seeing people’s homes, I LOVE to see what women carry in their purses. 1 | 2 | 3

See the Skyline – The way this mama shares about getting a (2hour) break from her littles, enjoying it, but loving more the moment when she gets back home to see them.  I also like her series: The Gospel in Her Home

Birch and Bird – It’s always inspiring to see what this creative Abbotsford lady posts.  One of my go-tos for designing encouragement(!).  I follow her on Pinterest too.

Hope you’re all having a great start to your weeks!

pic pix: boats on the shore, Puerto Morelos, MX, April.2013

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