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Monthly Archives: June 2013

howdy from cowtown.

With the recent tragedy of the flood hitting my home town (and surrounding areas), I’ve been a bit caught up in finding ways to help/be a part.  Our direct community was not hit with the

thoughts. things.

DONUTS! There’s something about a homemade donut that speaks right into my soul…my very weak soul that exerts no self control!  I even made a rule with Matt (for my sake entirely)

happy 1st birthday.

  Wow … a year already under this sweet little man’s belt!  I can barely believe it as I type it – my baby is no longer in the how-may-months-is-he stage.  As much as


We went and visited Matt’s aunt today.  Between her, the goat, the few chickens, and her massive garden, Judah stayed entertained!  She let me plant a few rows of veggies, so

judah’s 1st b-day party.

Last week was one of the busiest weeks that I’ve lived in a very long time – hence the blogging interruption.  A course (Thursday & Friday-pms and Saturday-all day), other week-night

feeling sentimental.

Maybe it’s because his first birthday is coming up, but for some reason I’ve been so sentimental when it comes to this sweet boy lately. As said by the most biased mama around, he has