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feeling sentimental.

Maybe it’s because his first birthday is coming up, but for some reason I’ve been so sentimental when it comes to this sweet boy lately.

As said by the most biased mama around, he has got to be the sweetest little boy.  Lately, it seems we can’t get enough hugs, kisses and cuddles from our little lion man.  I thought with him starting to walk that his independent side would kick in and he’d be happy with the freedom(!) away from mama & papa’s arms.  But, it’s like he knew that was what I was worrying about because he has done the opposite and has been all the more expressive.

I’ve been thinking about last year at this time so much lately (posts here and here).  My life literally changed/flipped upside-down and over again when he was born.  I felt like there was so little that I knew what to expect, but he put us at ease right away because he. just. fit.  And here he is, putting me at ease again.

I can’t even begin to describe how blessed I feel with you in our lives, Judah West.  I thank God and praise Him for you daily.


pic pix: special moments with Juju [photos taken by m’love – i love the expressions he caught!], in our overgrown backyard(!), 01.Jun.2013

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