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We went and visited Matt’s aunt today.  Between her, the goat, the few chickens, and her massive garden, Judah stayed entertained!  She let me plant a few rows of veggies, so I’m keeping these fingers crossed that we’ll get some yummies to harvest!
There’s so much that I love about visiting her acreage – the smells, the quiet, the green, the potential.  After spending a bit of time merely putzing around the yard with her, I felt like my head could unravel and I could again, see my own “prospective”.  As if the seeds that I planted in the ground became symbolic for the way I’d like to be investing and (one day) harvesting from my own heart.
I’m so glad to be part of God’s kingdom and for the times of renewing, learning, sowing and reaping.  And for the moments-like today-that bring me to a point of remembering this perpetual blessing.
“Those who are planted in the house of the Lord 
shall flourish in the courts of our God.” ~ Psalm 92:13
pix pic: |1| picking out the seeds |2| auntie’s greenhouse |3| juju’s rubbers |4| our “straight” row of onions |5| already giving auntie a hard time (shoeless, I might add!), all taken today just outside of Calgary, 11.Jun.2013

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