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There’s something about a homemade donut that speaks right into my soul…my very weak soul that exerts no self control!  I even made a rule with Matt (for my sake entirely) that I would only eat a donut with him around – to keep me in check.  Today, I broke that rule as my dad dropped off a box of homemade ones from last night.  I do not feel the slightest bit guilty about it … yet.

Rain, Rain …PINPIN
I actually love the rain and the green it brings.  Lately, we’ve seen a lot of wet around here(!).  I’ve been enjoying it, but equally as much, can’t wait for the sun to overtake the daytime hours.

Mind Battling …
I read this quip from a book on my Jan-May to-read list.  An interesting perspective…much to ponder on:

“When we have our thoughts and conversation on what is wrong with everyone else, we are usually being deceived about our own conduct.  Therefore, Jesus commanded that we not concern ourselves with what is wrong with others when we have so much wrong with ourselves.  Allow God to deal with you first, and then you will learn the scriptural way of helping your brother grow in His Christian walk.” ~ Battlefield of the Mind, Joyce Meyer

Perohe for Days …PINPIN
My auntie is here from Ontario for a few weeks.  It was a priority on her agenda that we would be making perogies (perohe) and donuts together.  Last night was the night.  Unfortunately, we had to leave before they started making the donuts (apparently, they didn’t finish until 2am?!) but at least I got to make perohe the way my Baba makes them.  Soooo good!

Growing Up, Even in Play …PIN
This little rascal is a climber, a talker, a mischievous little mocker!  Recently, when he has a book in hand or just talking away on his phone, if I don’t know where he is, I look here.  The place behind my living room couch that still has a pile of boxes to go through!  He usually sits on this little box … can’t wait until I get his teepee up!  Think I’ll be finding him there.

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