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howdy from cowtown.

With the recent tragedy of the flood hitting my home town (and surrounding areas), I’ve been a bit caught up in finding ways to help/be a part.  Our direct community was not hit with the flood waters, but many other parts unfortunately were.  My regular routine is somewhat out the window and my social media updates (or anything to do with the internet) have been focused on finding ways to help and getting informed with what I need to know.

How can one volunteer with a busy one year old, and a baby bump that is half-way along?  With food!  I’ve been baking, meal making, and snack bag creating!  At this point, volunteers are many (with some of downtown still not open, volunteers are more) … it’s awesome to see how people are coming together.  Once the initial ‘help drive’ dies down and when people will try to be “normal” about life again, I’m anticipating another rush of need.  Not sure what that will look like…but, Calgary, I’m stocking my freezer in the meantime.

I’ve never experienced natural disaster hit hard in my own backyard (persay).  Being part of relief efforts locally is a whole different ball game than from the sidelines or actually travelling with the intent to help places in need.  I feel like I should/could be doing more, yet, I know that it’ll become more evident in the days to follow.  It’s just hard to go about life normally, when a 15 minute drive away, it is far from normal.

If you’ve been part of disaster relief, what did you do to help?  Your ideas might trigger something for me to do here…I’d love it if you’d share.

pic pix: food prep (the constant at this house!), my kitchen, 08.Nov.2012

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