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quiet night.

Matt was out tonight helping with flood cleanup in High River, so things over here seemed pretty low-key…very untypical of our evenings lately.  Whether it’s commitments, visiting, a last minute baseball game, or just work-type things…it’s been busy around here.  Because our evenings are longer right now (the sun doesn’t set until 10pm-ish!), we tend to pack more in.  Even though I wanted-so badly-to be helping Matt and fellow volunteers out there tonight, I think I needed a quiet night to refocus and actually absorb what’s going on around me right now…
The sweet taste of summer.  The fact that I have actually have a garden to weed.  The special moments I get to spend with my little boy and sweet husband.  The simple, favorite things God gave my eyes to enjoy.
For the Lord God is our sun and our shield.  
He gives us grace and glory.  
The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.  
Psalm 84:11
I’d encourage you to take a quiet night/hour/morning/moment … and remember whose sunshine and shield it is that you are protected in daily.  Drink in the good things He wants you to see today.
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