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There’s something about this day of technology that is so enticing, convenient, energizing.  It’s a way to stay connected, learn new things, hone skills and ideas.  But there is also a side to it that is dangerous … as it can lead down a path of comparison, kill a natural inspiration, and create an unsettling spirit (discontentment).

I love reading other blogs, seeing pictures on Instagram, spending hours [ahem] on Pinterest, but it can seem a bit like living in someone else’s “reality”.  A reality that only shows the happiest moments, the prettiest images, the greatest ideas.  Myself included, no one wants to show the unlovely of our lives.  There’s no life to draw from and no one would be interested in that.  When that unclear reality is all that my mind absorbs about other people, it becomes easy to be discontent with the ugly realities I may be facing at that very moment in my life – messy kitchen, ironing piled to the roof(!), my overdo dirty hair, the long list of errands, etc…

I’ve wondered, if social media were out of the picture, would I still face these same little issues?  Would I read a book and feel the same way?  Would I meet with a friend face-to-face and still think the same divisive thoughts?  If I didn’t have things/distractions in my life, would that make these things go away?

Then I read this post.

I follow Joy’s picture feed on Instagram, and love their family’s recent endeavour to live a simpler life.  They sold their home, put a portion of their belongings in storage, and have hit the road with their trailer and four kids for the next few months, on a quest to enjoy life.  When I look at her pictures, it’s seems almost too easy to live minimally.  I then pine for that … thinking that would be the answer to my “issues”.  She shares how it’s not perfect/easy, but there are still complications to figure out their simple life.

Reality does not conform to the ideal, but confirms it. – Gustave Flaubert

In saying these things, I don’t intend to stop documenting or sharing the beauty I believe that God highlights in my life.  I’m not signing out/off of what social media circles I am in involved in.  I may not turn to taking pictures of my dirty laundry, or to writing never-ending, doom & gloom posts, but I do want to share a my realities, imperfections, beauties, and struggles as clearly and honestly as I pray I can.

I want to keep it real.

By encouraging, exemplifying, and enticing all to God and the beautiful moments of reality in this life He has intended for us to enjoy.  I want to depict the fullest of realities in my life – everlasting life.

Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate.  For such persons loyally in love with God, 
the reward is life and more life. – James 1:12

pic pix: Judah getting into the salad RIGHT before we have to walk out the door [real life, 101], at home on my steps needing a paint job(!), early June 2013

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