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Monthly Archives: August 2013

happy weekend.

“In all your ways acknowledge Him [God], and He will keep your path straight.”  Psalm 3:6 pic pix: on a river walk, Calgary, AB, August.2013

a summer night.

All’s pretty quiet tonight.  The evening light is absolutely gorgeous in my ‘lived in’ living room … and these homemade plum galettes are to die for. We’re

day on the boat.

We were literally on the boat for hours … though it felt like only maybe one hour or two.  I’m relating it to kind of like how this summer has felt – moving way too quickly.  Maybe

happy weekend.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it from you.”  B.B. King pic pix: Judah taking in the sites at Butterfield Acres, Bearspaw, AB, July.2013

sweet thought.

We’ve been battling these colds/eye infections here all week, and have not been ourselves.  My poor little buddy is cuddling all the time – which does some therapy for both of us,

colorboard / no.17

color: lemonadeword of inspiration: pick me up source of word: Simply put, when it’s been a long day, or I just need a refresher, I resort to lemons.  Especially lemonade.1.

happy weekend.

“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.”  Winston Churchill I love this little boy so much.  I feel more, hurt more, laugh more…all

think. less.

I’ve been reading about different women in the Bible lately, and have noticed an “interesting” commonality…they weren’t perfect. Yes, you read that right, not perfect.

our wee gallivant to p.e.i.

If you can’t tell by the pictures … we had an absolute blast!  These are only just SOME of the highlights of the get-away we experienced last week.  Lots of laughs, a