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I’ve been reading about different women in the Bible lately, and have noticed an “interesting” commonality…they weren’t perfect. Yes, you read that right, not perfect. Trust in theirselves was sometimes greater than in God. The tendency to want to take matters into their own hands was evident in more than one situation. Things weren’t always ideal.

I’d say, that would sum up how I feel somedays – unworthy of grace and love, ungrateful, spent – not ideal.

For my devotional reading the other day, one of the questions prompted a description of: who I thought Eve was or what came to mind when I thought about her. My mind immediately classified her as “the woman who lead Adam to take of the forbidden fruit”, “the one who was deceived and listened to her own thoughts and not God’s”. Thinking that I had given the right answers, I moved on in my devotion. The next question to think about was: how did God see Eve and what she was created for?

It took me a moment to push aside all preconceived ideas about her and think of her how God did/does. She was created to be a helper to Adam – a comparable creature. Her name means “Living”, so to Adam (who named her) she represented life. She paved a new way as a woman to be a mother and wife…something never done before. God created her for all of that, and clearly, thought as His creation, she would be capable.

Then I started analyzing the way that I view myself, and how much I hold on to these minuscule flaws that aren’t really “me” but things I’ve done in the past. Things I’ve been forgiven for. Things that yes, had a part of shaping me, but don’t (and shouldn’t) be shaping me today.

His grace covers that old Sarah, and His love allows this new Sarah to view myself differently, freely, and unashamedly.

We don’t have to be stuck in a box in our own perspective of ourselves … we need to think less about the past and dwell and marvel in the beautiful right in front of us. As imperfect and flawed as we may see ourselves, His perspective breaks that and frees us to live. Hallelujah!

pic pix: try looking at these leaves with a new perspective … it’s amazing how beautiful they are, taken on a K-Country walk, Kananaskis, AB, 12.Aug.2013

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