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colorboard / no.18

color: putty
word of inspiration: moments you discover new things about yourself

source of word: You know how some brands “name” their clothes? One time, I found a shirt I liked.  It’s name was putty.  I didn’t realize the main reason I bought it until my mom pointed it out to me – I was in love with the name.  To this day, if I like the name/font/color of something … it’s usually the reason I buy it.  

1. cuff bracelet /2. love this nail color for the fall (are you surprised, Brittany?!) /3. how could i have a putty board without a putty knife? /4. i think i’d wear these all the time /5. linen sheets…putty linen sheets…le sigh /6. abstract watercolor-me likes /7. a coach bag, a must /8. vintage floral skirt, swoon /9. really like this short sleeve overcoat thing /10. cute alamo birdhouse /11. we all have a purpose for an old key or two.
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