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color board / no.20

color(s): antique gold, turquoise, & white
word of inspiration: eclectic: deriving styles, tastes, or ideas from a broad and diverse range of sources

source of word: How such bold colors can create a dynamic compilation without overpowering each other speaks volumes about how our Creator was perfect with developing tones from a diverse range of sources.  These colors give me a sense of freedom … freedom from the norm to be eclectic.

/1. simple pendant  /2. in love with this headboard  /3. you can never have too many chunky knit sweaters  /4. linens are my friend…especially in this color  /5. gorgeous capture on this print  /6. i like pouches  /7. splash of color for my living room, perhaps?  /8. cute studs  /9. umm, in love with this purse, not the price  /10. yes!  /11. navajo rug – check  /12. my chaise love continues
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