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color board / no.21

color: peacock blue

word of inspiration: secure [not subject to threat; certain to continue or remain safe or unharmed]
source of word: There’s an ageless sense about this color that gives me the sense of safety in familiarity yet safety in the pure, fresh unknown.  It’s most likely because of my perspective, that I chose it for one of our bedroom walls.

/1. would love these for my kitchen  /2. rich rug  /3. could buy these jars…or make them!  /4. nicely done  /5. peacock feather watercolor  /6. fall/spring/summer overcoat  /7. sakura bloom silk baby sling-i covet  /8. elephant ceramics  /9. why isn’t this chair just sitting there waiting for me at the thrift store?!  /10.  ring with bling  /11. bits and bobs mini pouch  /12. love cute puzzles like so  /13. toddler bedding set in scattered dots?  um, yes.
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