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itty bit of light.

It’s quiet here tonight.  The guys are all sleeping.  It’s just me and the twinkle of these little lights.
Somehow, when a room is lit by little lights, it just feels more special.  A little more ‘magical’.  How those strands of bulbs can fascinate me so or why(!), I am not to sure.  They bring a room ambiance.  Warmth.  A spark of enlightenment.
Growing up, I’d heard time and time again how I, as a christian, am like a little light that shines … This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine … I always imagined a lone candle sitting in a brass holder, bringing light wherever I went.  I knew that I always carried a bit of light with me because Jesus was with me.  Illuminating through me.  I guess that’s as far as my imagery went with carrying a “little light”.

Lately, for me, it’s been a struggle.  Physically – I’m tired.  Emotionally – I’m drained.  Spiritually – I’m thirsty.  I guess with all the new changes around here, I haven’t felt like my single candle has done a very good job of staying bright.  It’s like, I’ve viewed my candle as the source of bringing light into any room, circumstance, or relationship.  How I’ve been wrong … without even really focusing on it but just accepting a perspective I’ve derived from imagery in a childhood song!

When my world felt like it was falling apart (hormonally that is, just hours ago), it wasn’t my brass candle holder that I turned to for illumination … it was Father and His word.  Communicating with Him, crying out to Him, acknowledging that I couldn’t function alone, and clinging to His promises – it’s like I got plugged back into a socket and multiple lights got turned on.  My strand of mini lights.

For everything I was thankful for, it seemed like a bulb lit up.  For the gift of life, here on earth and eternallly, a light was turned on.  For the beauty of my situation, even though I am tired, another light began to shine.  For the burden of my problems that I never had to carry in the first place, another twinkle.

I’m unpacking this idea of letting my light(s) shine wherever I may go and staying plugged into the Source – my God – to illuminate me REGARDLESS of my current state.  Like these small little christmas lights, I too can bring a room ambiance, warmth, and enlightenment.  

So can you.

pic pix: our lit rooms, at home, Dec.2013
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