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bonjour 2014.


I can’t believe how packed with blessing 2013 was.  We received our precious boy Hunter, got settled in our new house, our business went through a substantial growth spurt, we made some new solid friends and invested in long time old friends, spent time with our extended families, got to travel … the more I think about, I can’t get over it’s fullness.  There was a lot we got to learn, and a lot we were graced in.  Like I posted about at the beginning of last year, we wanted to see His glory and that we most certainly did.

As we started unpacking thoughts and aspirations for 2014, I’ve sensed a recurring motif with my thoughts toward this new year.  I’m anticipating a year of settling and solidifying – in our family, lifestyle, relationships, daily life, work life, etc.  A year we go yet a bit deeper in figuring out who and what we are.

But before we can even start delving into that process, a thought A. W. Tozer put out there drives a compelling thought:

“We can never know who or what we are till we know at least something of what God is.”

It’s so simple, and true.

Before I can expect to see another year of His glory and witness His plans and purposes in and through me, I need to search His heart and absorb His very essence.  I must allow His Spirit show me who He is.  When I understand what the Artist wants to portray and present, I can understand it’s subject and creation.

I pray each of you would either begin or continue to know and understand who God is.  In it, I guarantee, you will know who you are.

Happy New Year, friends.

pic pix: our last mini adventure of 2013, 30.Dec.2013, Upper Kananaskis Lake, AB

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